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Who is Legion? 

  • Legion Lacrosse is a girls lacrosse club in Santa Clarita. Our goal is to provide excellent lacrosse training and coaching for boys and girls who want to be the best they can be on and off the field. Our coaching staff is passionate about the game, working hard to develop team and individual skills, while building integrity, character, and discipline that go far beyond the Lacrosse field.

​What does my membership fee cover?

  • There is a membership cost of $500 to join Legion LC. This cost includes practices, and your uniform (if you do not have one). Membership fees are due every season (Summer, Fall, and Winter).

Are tournaments included in the membership fee?

  • Membership fees do not cover the cost of tournaments. Tournaments are an additional fee and can vary based on the tournaments we attend. 

What season does Legion offer lacrosse programming for? 

  • Legion offers tournament and regional teams for the seasons of Summer, Fall and Winter. 

What is the Legion Rookie Camp? 

  • The Legion Rookie camp offers new and intermediate players a training ground to learn and excel at the sport. We typically host a rookie camp at the beginning of every season for girls that are new or returning players. We cover the fundamentals of the sport along with more advanced concepts and drills. 

What equipment is needed to participate? 

  • To play lacrosse, you will need the following equipment:

  • Lacrosse Stick

  • Goggles

  • Mouth Guard 

  • Cleats

Do you have loaner equipment?  

  • We do offer loaner equipment for girls that need to borrow equipment until they get their own. 

Where are practice locations?

  • Practice locations are located in the Santa Clarita Valley. The exact location varies based on field availability. 

Who are your coaches? 

  • Legion coaches vary from season to season based on individual availability. Our coaches are composed of experienced former and current college players, as well as experienced and passionate coaches. 

Do you travel out of state for tournaments?

  • We occasionally travel out of state for tournament play, but that is based on the availability of our players and coaches.  

If I have played for Legion in the past and have a uniform, do I receive a new uniform every season? 

  • Uniforms are available for new players. If a returning player needs a new uniform, we will order it for them at no additional cost. 

What are regional games? 

  • Regional games are games played in our local region. We will be playing against other teams from Santa Barbara, San Diego, Los Angeles, etc. Regional games do not require lodging. This will be in addition to the tournament and no additional cost is required for these games. 

Why do we need USA Lacrosse membership? 

  • USA Lacrosse Membership fee is not included in Registration. USA Lacrosse Membership is required for all participants. This is our insurance and without it, you will not be able to participate in any practice, games, or tournaments.

  • To register for USA Lacrosse Membership, please click here. ​​

Do you offer refunds? 

  • Refunds are not given once practices start. 

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